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Today, breast cancer should rarely be diagnosed in an operating room. Open surgical excision or biopsy of tumors can have potential serious implications as it requires an operating room procedure, it can interfere with accurate margin assessment, it can compromise surgical planning, and can impair lymphatic mapping of the primary tumor.  When an open surgical biopsy is used as the primary biopsy technique, upfront or neoadjuvant chemotherapy is no longer an option. There are multiple minimally-invasive techniques that should be employed prior to open surgical excision.

Last year, 400,000 out of the 1.6 million breast biopsies done in the United States were performed in an operating room. With the availability of these new minimally-invasive techniques, the open breast biopsy rate should continue to decrease. Consensus panel recommendations for minimally-invasive breast biopsies have been in existence since 2000.

Coastal Carolina Breast Center, which has treated an estimated 25,000 patients during the last 15 years on the Grand Strand, is a strong proponent of minimally invasive breast biopsy. Dr. Brackett was the third specialist in South Carolina to start stereotactic core needle for biopsying abnormal mammograms. “This minimally invasive process avoids open surgeries (lumpectomies) 80% of the time,” he said.

Your options include: